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Studio Policies

Star Quality Dance & Cheer Center Inc.



1.) Monthly tuition is DUE first of the month.  There is a $10.00 late fee if tuition is not paid by the 5th of the month, $25.00 if not paid by the 10th.  To keep the cost of tuition down, we are not accepting debit or credit cards at this time.   There is a $30.00 return check fee for all returned checks We will only accept checks, if a copy of Drivers License of check issuer is on file. Please put  tuition payments in payment box, with your child's name on it or you may pay through your on line bank pay to Star Quality Dance and Cheer Center Inc. 275  S. Lawrence Blvd. Keystone Heights, Florida) There will be a $15.00 holding fee per month to hold your child space in class if they can not attend class for more than one month. We can NOT hold checks, please do not ask.

2.) Classes run once per week, fees are fixed monthly regardless of student absences or holidays.

3.) Parents/Guardians for the safety of our little Stars please come inside to pick-up your child, they will not be allowed out the door until you come in.  Please let us know if someone other than yourself will be picking up your child.

*Students please enter studio through the REAR door.

Our parent waiting area is located in the rear.  Office is in the front.  Please do NOT walk through the dance studio to get to the office.  Help us keep our dance floor clean by walking around the building.

Students please be on time to class. Use restroom BEFORE class, especially our younger students!

***Parents are asked to stay in the waiting area so there are NO distractions during class. There is simply NOT enough room on our dance floor for parents to stay in class with their child.   We will have 2 performances yearly so parents can see their childs progress. One in December & one in JUNE.

4.) Employees only are allowed in the office area. Students and parents are NOT allowed in the office area.

5.) No Eating or Drinking in the waiting area! You will be asked to leave if you bring food into the studio. This includes toddler snacks and sip cups!

6.) Please keep quite in the waiting area, dancers must not be distracted.

7.) Our studio floor must stay clean, remove street shoes before entering.  Cheerleaders wipe your feet outside before  entering studio.

8.) Students will only be allowed to bring water to drink during class.

9.) All students MUST follow dress code.

10.) Hair MUST be pulled away from the face for all classes. Ballet class must have hair in a bun

11.) Students should be dressed and ready for class.  There is absolutely No Clothing Changes in our waiting area.

12.) No jewelry worn to class.

13.) Star Quality Dance & Cheer Center Inc. or its Staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Students are responsible for there own belongings (shoes, poms, bags, etc.).

14.)  Recital will be scheduled for June. Recital is not mandatory, however if your child will participate we must know by October 1.   There is a nonrefundable recital fee of $45.00 per student, due February 1.  4 complementary Tickets per Family will be issued before recital. Additional tickets will be available at the door for an additional fee.

15.) Recital costume fee (non-refundable) due November 1st.

16.) Recital costume fees and costume will be forfeited (NO REFUNDS) if your child withdraws before recital.

17.) There Are NO REFUNDS!

18.) It is YOUR responsibility to make up missed classes.  Missed classes are made up by attending another age appropriate class.  Please contact Ms. Toni to reschedule missed classes.  No credit will be given for missed classes.

19.) *** ALL Choreography (dance/cheer routines) is exclusively owned by Star Quality Dance & Cheer Center Inc.  Any use of Choreography is strictly prohibited (talent shows, pageants, etc.) unless given special permission from Ms. Toni. ALL studio photos & videos are solely owned by Star Quality Dance and Cheer Center Inc. and are not to be reproduced.

20.)  W e MUST have an e-mail address on file.  All information is sent through e-mail.






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